Abundance of Fairs for the country’s economy

Abundance of Fairs for the country's economy
Contribution to year-end exports from IF Wedding Fashion İzmir
Bringing the Turkish and world fashion industry together in İzmir, IF Wedding Fashion İzmir has experienced an active week. While the occupancy rates of the hotels in the city have reached one hundred percent with the contribution of local and foreign visitors, the fair will contribute to the year-end closing figures of ready-made clothing exports.
IF Wedding Fashion İzmir, Europe's biggest wedding dress and evening dress fair, gave its visitors the longed-for fair experience after a two-year gap. The fair, which impresses with its fashion shows, fashion parades, special events and fair decorations, also contributed to the country's economy with its commercial negotiations. While the fair hosts visitors from over 100 countries; professional buyers also signed commercial agreements. Professional buyers from all over the world stated that they were satisfied with the variety and quality of the product group at the fair. The 15th IF Wedding Fashion İzmir, which gave the city a dynamic week on November 16-19, became the center of fashion and trade. The 16th IF Wedding Fashion İzmir - Wedding Dress, Groom’s Suit and Evening Dress Fair will be held on November 22-25, 2022 in Fuarizmir.
Contributed to the city and the industry
İZFAŞ, taking firm steps forward to make İzmir a center of attraction in fair tourism, brought the world fashion industry together at Fuarizmir on November 16-19. İZFAŞ, which carries out its activities with the target of qualified visitors throughout the year, proved its success at the IF Wedding Fashion İzmir Fair. In addition to special incentives and supports for 2021, target region-oriented visitor studies brought wedding dress, evening dress and groom suit buyers from all over the world to İzmir. Visitors from more than 100 countries were registered at the fair, additionally A Buyer Delegation Program was organized with the support of the R.O.T. Ministry of Commerce and the Izmir Chamber of Commerce. Within the scope of the Buyer Delegation Program, 32 percent of the visitors came from Europe, 30 percent from the Middle East, 20 percent from the Balkans and the Caucasus, and 10 percent from America and other countries. Visitors, who visited the stands within the context of the fair and signed commercial agreements with the participating companies for three days, also held bilateral meetings at the Izmir Chamber of Commerce.
Nurmukhanova: “The effects of the pandemic have not deteriorated the quality of the companies”
Saule Nurmukhanova, who came to the fair from Kazakhstan, said, “We have experienced the pandemic, but wedding dresses and evening dresses are still as flamboyant in İzmir as before... I would like to point out that there has been no decline in its flamboyance. We had a lot of conversations and took pictures. We want to convey this beauty and elegance to people in our country. The pandemic has demoralized us all, we have all been through very difficult times. But despite that, all the companies I see here work as efficiently and selflessly as before. It offers us very beautiful designs. Fashion shows are also in a separate place for us. We went to all the fashion shows, it was really great. It was very colorful, we were very impressed. It was similar in appearance and beauty to European fashion shows. We will see how exactly the trends of the next 1-2 years will develop. Because normally, after pandemics, wars or world crises, people generally prefer beautiful, flamboyant and detailed things. Because after the crisis they experienced there, they prefer to wear more outwardly flamboyant clothes. There is such a tendency. Now it seems to us that such a thing can happen in world fashion. We made our purchases accordingly. The fair made us feel that, too.”
Iagodnitsina: “It was a very impressive experience”
Elena Iagodnitsina, who participated in the fair from Russia and stated that she came for the third time, said, “This time, I was very impressed. Of course, we mostly saw flamboyant models due to the fashion trend of the new season, but there were also enough minimal and simple designs. Our people are divided into two groups. The new generation likes minimal details, but a group, on the contrary, prefers very detailed and flamboyant models because they miss showing themselves. The fair appeals to both groups. I have all kinds in my store. So I try to buy all kinds of products. The pandemic has not disrupted the companies in Turkey, I think so. Maybe the pandemic has taught us all a lot. I see new and young designers. Sometimes crises can be an opportunity to improve us. I saw young designers at the fair. The organization and overall everything was very good. You have a very wide range from wedding dresses to evening dresses. It appeals to everyone. We felt that we needed more time and energy. I wish the fair could be held twice a year... It was a very impressive experience”.
They gave all of their annual bulk orders at the fair.
Tatiana Kachalko, who has a large wedding dress store with her business partner Valentina Doronina in the capital city of Bishkek and has 30 years of experience in the sector, said, “We are so happy to come here after a long break... We buy our wedding dresses from Turkey. Despite all the difficulties, our Turkish friends did not give us any difficulties during the pandemic period. It is very nice to see the designers and companies we work with face to face again. The main reason why we love the fair so much is the product variety and quality. Our presence at the fair for three days was very productive. We walked around comfortably and started the orders on the second day. We do bulk orders twice a year. We have given one here. Fairs mean happiness for us. We learn new things by meeting lots of new people, having interviews and improving our business. It was a unique experience after the pandemic.”
“We felt that the city is alive with the fair”
Tatiana Kozina, Responsible for the Russian Procurement Committee, thanked İZFAŞ and İzmir Chamber of Commerce for giving them this opportunity and said:
“While there is a fair, you feel that the city is alive with this fair. Advertisements are everywhere, wedding dresses, evening dresses and more… You can see all these while visiting the city. And the atmosphere of the city is also changing. Normally, in Italy and France, the city lives in the fashion weeks, and this also happened similarly in İzmir. Everyone I brought as part of the delegation was very satisfied. It was very good for all of us to physically experience such dynamism after the stagnation came with the pandemic. All in all, it was a great organization”.