"Domestic Goods Exhibitions", which was held with the 1st İzmir Economic Congress on 17 February 1923, has been the first steps of İzmir International Fair. The fair was held as the İzmir 9 September Exhibition in 1927, İzmir 9 September Exhibition in 1928, 9 September Fair in 1933, İzmir International Fair in 1934 and İzmir International 9 September Fair in 1935.
Kültürpark, in which İZFAŞ organizes the specialization fairs and Izmir International Fair, was put into service on 1 September 1936 by Dr. Behçet UZ. The first İzmir International Fair held in Kültürpark area took place as the International İzmir Fair in 1936.

As the general trade fairs were replaced by specialization fairs in the world, Turkey has been involved in this development as of eighties.

As a result of the successes of the Izmir International Fair and the developments in the economy of Turkey; İZFAŞ was established on 7 February 1990, which took place under the leadership of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and with the partnership of Turkish Unìon of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, Aegean Region Chamber of Industry, Aegean Exporters' Associations, İzmir Chamber of Commerce and İzmir Commodity Exchange.

As a public corporation which has adopted the genuineness and success as the principle, İZFAŞ aims to make its fairs reach to a level that could compete with world fairs, and the applicability of contemporary, modern fair business.

The actual purpose of the establishment of İZFAŞ; is the development of fair business in İzmir, revival of the city economy thanks to the fair and to contribute to the culture and art life of İzmir.