Wedding adventure continues in If Wedding

Wedding adventure continues in If Wedding

Wedding ceremonies have been one of the most important tools of social, cultural, political and ideological indicators throughout history. Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Rome, dating back to today, the adventure of wedding dresses are going on for centuries.

If Wedding Fashion, which is a combination of fashion and passion, invites thousands of visitors from 89 countries and 81 cities to participate in adventure between 22-25 January 2019.

Wedding dresses worn for centuries in marriages that cause not only families but corporations and even countries to unite they have meanings that represent social, economic and political power. It is known that in ancient Egypt there are colorful and multiple, white in ancient Greece and yellow wedding dresses in Rome. The first white wedding dress, made of satin, resembling the modern designs of contemporary western culture, was worn in 1847 by Queen Victoria and became popular.

Wedding Dress sector in the world

Today, the United States is the head of the statistics for spending wedding ceremonies. In the country where approximately 2.3 million people are married annually, people spend a great deal of money because they want to live marriage in a fairy tale. The total expenditure for marriage is $ 40 billion. According to the American Wedding Study's 2017 report, the average cost of a wedding, except the honeymoon, is 33 thousand 391 dollars and the average cost for a wedding dress is $ 509.

Looking at Europe, consumer demand has decreased with the culture of living together, it has a determining role in world trends since it includes the high purchasing power of the bridal sector. Spain, Italy, Germany, France and the United Kingdom are the countries with high share in the wedding dress sector.

 In Asia, a significant increase in the number of marriages is observed. This trend, which started with Japan in the 1970s, continued with China and India since the 1990s. China is the country that produces the most wedding dresses in the world. But 20 percent of their production is sent to overseas countries, while in recent years this rate is even lower.

In recent years, Turkey has become an important supplier of wedding dresses and evening dresses for Europe and the Middle East. The annual share of the industry is around 600-650 million dollars, and it draws attention to the Middle East countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, as well as the countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal and Russia Federation. Turkey's, which exports to Europe and the Far East, the most important items are the wedding dress and evening dress sector in 13,3 billion dollars exports in clothing and ready-to-wear sector in 2018.In Turkey, 70 percent of the production of wedding dresses and evening dress meets Izmir. Izmir, which continues to grow in production, fashion marketing and branding, started to be recognized as the manufacturer of wedding dresses and evening dresses just like Milan and Barcelona.

There are many reasons to choose İzmir

If Wedding Fashion Izmir Fair continues to be the capital of fashion and design every year. The fair, which has a strategic importance as Europe serves as a bridge to the Middle East, also has a great importance in introducing the sector market to the world in recent years. Izmir's high quality and affordable products, which hold 70 percent of the wedding dresses and evening dresses in Turkey, are of great interest especially in the European market. Most European manufacturers prefer the Izmir market, where they can find the same quality at more affordable prices, rather than buying high-quality but expensive products from Europe. Showcases where the most diverse products of this market are exhibited are in If Wedding Fashion Izmir. Many buyers from abroad get the opportunity to see the quality and variety of Turkish wedding dresses and evening dresses at the fair. Last year, Italy joined the many visitors to the fair from now, said the offer for sale in their country from Turkey to take its products instead of producing their products.

In the Middle East, there is an intense interest in the If Wedding Fashion Fair from Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine and Jordan, mainly in Iran. Not only wedding dresses and suits, but also with the quality of evening dresses products, the fair attracts visitors from all over the world. If Wedding Fashion Izmir Fair contributes to Turkey's goal of becoming a leader in the market with its products that are of much higher quality than Asia and more economical than Europe.


Shining star of the world: If Wedding Fashion Izmir

Prepared to open its doors for the 13th time on 22-25 January this year, the star of if Wedding Fashion Izmir Fair will shine in 2019. The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry sectors in Turkey and the largest in terms of area covered by European (UFI) approved only fair Wedding Dress, Wedding Suit and Evening Dress Fair will bring together thousands of visitors from 89 countries and 81 cities, mainly in European countries.

In addition to showing stands, fashion shows, fashion interviews, competitions and exhibitions, if Wedding will be the highlight of fashion and design in 2019. The most important companies of the sector and world-famous names will come to the podium, including two of the 13 fashion shows and the performance show of Kansu Sarıkan, winner of the 2018 Wedding Design Competition, will also be staged by the famous mannequins. The show will last for three days and will turn the show into a fashion feast.

Design will come to the fore

The bridal design competition, which announces the name of the Fashion Designers of the future to Turkey for the first time, will be held for the 10th time this year. Among the young designers who will compete with the theme "creativity in simplicity", the first 15 names will display their first products in their careers on the If Wedding podiums.

Another important work carried out in the field of design will be the Trend Area. The expert names of the fashion world in the field to be established will introduce new season trends. In the area that will be enriched with fashion interviews and exhibitions, the products of the design competition semi-finalists will also be exhibited.

In addition to the visitors of domestic and foreign sector, the important names of fashion world, famous artists and models will come together and become an international fashion feast. The combination of fashion and passion If Wedding Fashion Izmir Fair, silver cloak star adventure will share with all its visitors.